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Some of the misc designs that we have done are shown below.  If you have a application which requires modifications, design cahnges or accessories to your existing tools please give us call 515-778-0895.

VS1 - This design which is also viewable under machine accessories.  It has some unique features:

         It can separate up to 1 gallon of waste water a minute.

         One valve is used to route the fluid

         The tanks and the lower drain valve can be removed and cleaned. 

         Valves are also available to flush the system with water if water is supplied to the separator.

         The unit is PLC controls with a small touch screen allows running the machine in various modes with or without sensors and it can be connected to a host.

         The unit can also be supplied with the option vacuum pump. 

         The unit shown is a wall mounted unit and is also available as a floor unit which can be positioned where needed. 

         Multiple units are in the field no failures in over 3 years of continuous use.

Small CMP Polisher
Small CMP Polisher
Small CMP Polisher.