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Strasbaugh 6DT, 6DQ and 6CU

Strasbaugh legacy polishers the 6DT, 6DQ and 6CU had similar frames and overarms.  The 6CU followed by the 6DQ were primarily used to polish wafers while the 6DT was originally designed to polish square interconnect tiles. These machines can all be setup to polish multiple wafers per carrier using templates.

We can supply parts and service on these machines.

Gimbal Vacuum Chuck 

Replaces the existing shaft and vacuum cup on the 6DT, 6DQ and 6CU.  To polish wafers on the 6DT, would also require the nest used for loading and unloading of the tiles to be replaced and wafer carriers purchased. The lower flange bearing on the 6DT has a larger i.d. and the shaft is slightly different to accomdate this. You can also view the this chuck in the machine gallery under Strasbaugh.