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Strasbaugh 7Z/7AB Wafer Edge Profiler
The Strasbaugh 7Z and 7AB are wafer edge profilers and can be used for other type of substrates. The 7Z is the 150mm model and the 7AB is the 200mm model.  Strasbaugh currently sells the 7AB-II which has updated controls. 
Both machines look similar and have similar mechanics. The 7AB has different elevators and centering station.  It also has a notch grind option. 
If you need service and support on the Strasbaugh 7Z or 7AB please call.

Strasbaugh 7Z
Strasbaugh 7Z with LCD Replacement
Strasbaugh 7Z Edge Grinder
7Z Centering Station Update For Fragile Wafers
Strasbaugh Edge Grinder
Strasbaugh 7Z Centering Station
Strasbaugh 7AB Notch Assembly
Assembly addes the following to the machine:
  • Centering assembly
  • Notch grind spindle and notch centering pin.