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Strasbaugh 7AA Wafer Backgrinder
The Strasbaugh 7AA backgrinder is used to grind substrates up to 150mm.  It was one of the first infeed grinders and is a very good grinder. Strasbaugh still makes this model called the 7AA II which has updated controls.  It has a small footprint easy to operate and maintain.
Some of parts and or assemblies we have developed new replacements such as the work chuck which is shown on the machine accessories page. 
If you are having issues such as:
  • Edge chipping
  • TTV issues
  • Thinkness issues
  • Software issues
  • Mechanical or Electrical issues
Give us a call we can help. 

Strasbaugh 119028 7AA Z-axis lead scrrew
Strasbaugh 7AA Original Lead Screw Assembly
Strasbaugh 7AA Z-Axis Lead Screw 119028
Original z-axis leadscrew assembly. Includes bearings, bearing nut and leadscrew.  The leadscrew threads are ground.

Strasbaugh 7AA Z-axis 300079C
Strasbaugh 7AA Z-axis Roller Screw 300079C
Strasbaugh 7AA Z-Axis Roller Screw 300079C
Replaced the original z-axis leadscrew with a roller screw.

Strasbaugh 7AA X-axis servo motor
7AA X-Axis Servo Motor
Strasbaugh 7AA X-Axis Motor 225950
7AA X-axis servo motor used to move the work chuck in and out of the grind chamber. This item is sold with and without the mounting brackets.