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PR Hoffman PR1

PR Hoffman's PR1 is a small lapping machine which is very good for small parts and can be used for many applications. 

The last two pictures are the current refurbished PR1's.  Everything but the castings and the frame were replaced with new components. 

PR1 Options:

PR1 Updated Controls - Includes a Touch Screen and PLC, Two stage lift, Sony probe and Servo motor on the drive for better control.  The option allows storing recipes which include 5 steps.  The sony probe, motor speed and pump are all intergrated in the recipe. 

PR1 Slurry System - Consist of a tank and mixer on a small cart.  If the machine is equiped with PLC control the level is displayed on the screen and provide a warning when the tank level drops below a user set level.
PR1 Two Motor - Ring and sun gear are driven seperately.

Need Parts?  We have PR1 parts in stock.  Plates, Gear Sets etc.,