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STC 22 ID Saw
STC 22 ID Saw
The STC ID Saw was reworkd the following was done:
  • New controls
    • Siemens PLC
    • New Touch screen which allows saving recipes
    • Linear scale on the hydraulic cylinder
      • This scale is used to calculate the IPM and can also be used in the auto cycle to cut to a position. The auto cycle also allows cutting using the limit switches (original method). Feedrate and time to cut are displayed in the Status area on the screen
    • Ethernet connection - The machine has a industrial ethernet hub built in and allows connection to the PLC and Touch screen via ethernet. This allows downloading recipes along with other functions via standard ethernet connection. The ethernet connection on the side of the operator panel is IP67 rated.
    • Light Tower
    • 3HP AC motor on the spindle with Siemens inverter.
    • New Stepper motor and amplifier.
    • BOth D/A and A/D modules provide the output to the inverter and have available channels for added features such as spindle current monitor etc.,
    • New Oiler.
    • Software
      • The software has all the functionality of the original controls and some added features. You can tell the index to go home move to a position from home "absolute" or a position based on the current position "relative". All functions needed to operate the machine in Auto are in the auto screen you don't have to jump around to various screen to get the machine to function.
        • Passwords
        • Status screen which displays such items as cycle time and number of cuts per blade and lifetime cuts.
        • Index Absolute
        • Index Relative
        • Index Home
        • Zero and Span of the linear scale.
        • Inputs
        • Outputs
        • Analog channels
        • Alarms
  • Mechnical - the machine was gone through cleaned painted and bearings replaced. The coolant valves were replaced with new ones. There is a IP67 rated outlet for the coolant pump on the side of the machine.
  • Documentation - Electrical and Mechanical changes along with the control have been documented and available.  They are also can be accessed from the Help Screen. 

STC 27 ID Saw
STC 27 ID Saw
STC ID Saw Electrical
STC ID Saw Electrical