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Strasbaugh 6EC Polisher

The Strasbaugh 6EC polisher is primary used in laboratory setting and is ideally suited for development work. Since it utilizes the same carriers and in general parameters as the 6DS-SP a process can be migrated from the 6EC to the 6DS-SP. We can provide service and support on all assemblies and subassemblies of the 6EC. 

Some of the more common items that can go wrong on the 6EC:

Software - The Strasbaugh 6EC uses a combination of software to control the machine. The GUI, Mystic controller (OPTO 22) and the IQ Master (Conditioning arm) all have associated software. Most software issues are related to the battery failing on the Mystic. If your having problems give us a call we can point you in the right direction. Please make sure your SN and software version is available. Mystic Controller Issues - The OPTO 22 controller must have the battery replaced on regular intervals or the software will be lost and your machine will not run. These controllers have been updated but some are obsolete. In general the software in the GUI must match the version in the Mystic or OPTO 22 controller. When the software get lost due to a battery failure a "COM ERROR" is displayed on the GUI. On the Mystic the battery LED will be displayed. This can also be displayed if the 5VDC power supply is out of tolerance so check it before.

GUI - Originally the machine had a amber screen which was slow the Windows versions are better. If you have a Amber screen consider upgrading.

Conditioning Arm - The conditioning arm was either a powered or non-powered head.

Rotary Union - The Rotary union whether one or two passage will fail periodically depending on the use and media being passed through it. The two passage unions which are installed on machines running the Viprr ( Strasbaugh trademark) carrier can be repaired with a repair kit. The one passage unions are more expensive to repair than to replace in most cases.

Quill Motor - The 6EC used two different types of motors on the quill (carrier drive). DC utilized a SCR controller and the AB Servo motor. Older units have reliance motor and amplifiers which are the same as the AB (Software change). If you’re having problems with the quill rotating before picking up the wafer go to the Setup screen and deselect the indexing of the carrier. The option was utilized when running wafers with flats on the older gimbal as well as on Viprr 1 carriers. These carriers allowed putting a offset which moved the downforce away from the flat. The index option was used to align the carrier in the same position before loading the substrate.

Calibration - The Strasbaugh manual goes over calibrating the machine in detail. As with all machines it important to have a PM schedule. Proper calibration of the machine will allow consistence results and fix many of the general process problems. Make sure records are kept with before and after information. This aids in troubleshooting problems when service is requested. Strasbaugh provides calibration tools which aid in calibration of the machine.

If you have issues or concerns with heavier or thicker substrates using any of the carrier or load setups available with the Strasbaugh 6EC give us a call.

6EC Quick Change Table
6EC Quick Change Table
Strasbaugh 6EC Quick Change Table
The HC anodized Aluminum Top can be replaced.  Used when testing different pads.  The top can be removed with the pad attached.  Multiple tops can be purchased.

Strasbaugh 284115
6EC 2-Passage Union 284115
Strasbaugh 6EC 2-Passage Union 284115
We can repair the 2-passage union

Strasbaugh 110854
Strasbaugh 6EC with upgraded single pass union (110854)
Strasbaugh 6EC 1-Passage Union 110854
Replacemnt for the Deublin 1 passage union.  It last longer and if it leaks the DI/Slurry doesn't cause reducer failures.

Strasbaugh 2" Carrier and Load Station
2" Wafer Template and Load Station Ring
Strasbaugh Gimbal Carrier 102mm with 2" Wafer template
2" Carrier template attached to a 102mm 19 hole carrier.  The outside backpressure holes are plugged the center 10 are used for the vacuum/backpressure.  Adjustment of the wafer sensor would need to be performed to ensure that the machine knows when a wafer is present or not.  Load ring and lift including the spider assembly would need to be changed to allow moving the wafer into the pocket on the carrier.  A dedicated carrier can also be made however using a template would be a less expensive option.  The template still uses a standard DF200 film. Templates can also be made for different size carriers or different parts.