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Strasbaugh makes many types of machines for grinding, lapping and polishing.  We have worked on these machines for many years providing service and support.  The following designs are a few of the upgrades we have made. 

Strasbaugh 6DS-SP 2nd Table Upgrade
6DS-SP 2nd Table Assembly

This assembly replaces the existing NSK motor.

·         Motor is capable of running with one or both spindles applying 500 lbs. of down force.

·         Better access to adjustments.

·         Less noise during operation.

·         No support bearing used.

6DS-SP Table 1 High Pressure Spray
Slurry and High Pressure Spray Manifold
6DS-SP Primary Table Slurry and Spray manifold (part# 809100-23)
  • Stainless steel tubes are replaced with Teflon tubes for the slurry (two slurries).
  • Table 1 DI water supplies the high pressure manifold.

Strasbaugh 7AA
7AA Pick and Place Arm with Digital Sensor
Strasbaugh 7AA vacuum/pressure sensor upgrade

Allows rotating the sensor to a position for easy viewing and setting.  Replaces existing Robotec sensors.

Strasbaugh 7AA PP3
Strasbaugh 7AA PP3 Arm with Digital Sensor
7AA Pick and Place #3

Teflon pick and place #3 chuck.
Strasbaugh 7AA
Strasbaugh 7AA Digital Vacuum Sensors
7AA Sensor upgrade

Strasbaugh 7Z
Strasbaugh 7Z Edge Grinder Flat Find Station
7Z Edge Grinder Centering Station

Accomodates thin and fragile wafers.  
Strasbaugh 7AA Vacuum Chuck
Strasbaugh 7AA New All Ceramic Vacuum Chuck
7AA New Ceramic Chuck (shown 150mm) 

·         Provides more consistent vacuum.

·         Reduces frequency of chuck grinding.
·         Reduces wheel wear.
·         Available in the following sizes.
o   o 3”
o   o 100mm
o   o 125mm
o   o 150mm

The 7AA universal chuck
Design to accommodate multiple wafer sizes on the 7AA without switching chuck sizes.  If the original chuck is compared to newer chuck designs almost all backgrind chucks now are made out of a solid ceramic with porous ceramic inserts.  The outer edge of the wafer is supported by and area of ceramic which doesn’t apply vacuum. A few mm in from the edge the porous vacuum ring provides the vacuum to hold the wafer down on the chuck.  One of the primary reasons for this was to reduce the particulates which are drawn into the porous section of the backgrind chuck and vacuum system.  This type of design also reduces the amount of CFM of vacuum needed during operation and provides a more consistent vacuum. 


Other advantages are:

·         Less particulates on the tape or device side of the wafer.

·         During flushing of the chuck less particulates are flush back on the backside of the wafer when removed by PP2. 

·         The TTV is more consistent over longer periods of time since less particulates are getting in the porous part of the chuck.

·         Less chuck grinding less wheel wear.


The Universal chuck kit consists of the following components:


·         Universal Chuck assembly

·         Ceramic dressing stone

·         Water Regulator and Digital gauge

·         Instructions for installation

·         Plumbing Diagraph 110336A1 which should be used in conjunction with the original 7AA print 110336

Strasbaugh 6BD

The 6BD can be used as either a lapper or a polisher.

·         The standard 36” table was replaced with a 38” granite table.

·         New rings with ceramic inserts were made

·         Exhaust plenum was incorporated into the splash ring.

We can also provide pressure plate assemblies for the 6BD.

Pressure Plates 6BD
Strasbaugh 6BD with Pressure Plates