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3B Lapper
Mitsunaga 3B
Mitsunaga 3B Update and Recondition
  • New Siemens controls
    • S7-1200 with
    •  7" Comfort screen
      • Recipe Control
      • 5 Step recipe control
      • The Recipe part of the screen consists of the following:

        • Item – There are four items that are controlled
          • Time – The time is entered in Seconds and the following limits apply.
            • Pre-Slry – 0-999 seconds
            • Step 1-5 – 0-99999 seconds.   
            • Total time of all steps is approximately 139 hours or 5.7 days. 
          • Plate Drive Speed, remember this also controls the upper plate and sun gear
            • Only positive numbers should be entered a limit of +80.  You do not need to enter the plus sign for a positive number just enter the number.  The following limits apply
              • Pre-Slry – 0-25
              • Step1 – 5 – 0-80
          • Ring Speed – Controls the rotation and direction of the ring gear.
            • Ring gear speed can be entered in a positive or negative value the following limits apply
              • Pre-Slry – -25 to +25
              • Step1-5 - -80 to +80
          • Slurry 0/1 – This item controls the slurry outlet and is used to turn on a peristaltic pump.  Pressing the button on each step will cause it to change to 1 (on) from 0 (off).
      • Auto Functions:

        • Start cycle – If pressed the cycle will start with the pre-slry if no time is entered it will skip to Step 1 and so on.  The elapsed times are zeroed at the beginning of each cycle.  This was done so that for some reason the cycle was stopped you know how much time was run the last cycle.
        • Stop Cycle – Will stop the cycle elapsed times will be displayed and are not zeroed until the start button is pressed.  Keep in mind that there is no ramp down when this button is pressed.  IT STOPS everything.
        • Next Step – If pressed it will toggle to the next step the amount of time run for the previous step will be displayed.  If you hold it down it will jump through all of them.
        • Pause Cycle – This button pauses the process where and when it was activated.  This will allow removing the upper plate assembly and check parts etc., keep in mind that the cycle is still active.
      • Manual functions (within the Auto Cycle Screen)
        • Ring Up – The Ring must be in the up position to enable the motors.  There is no up switch on the machine and the air has to be high enough to allow movement of the ring gear up and down.  The ring gear button will turn green when it is enabled. The auto cycle will not start if the ring gear up solenoid is not on.
        • Man On – This is Manual on button which when depressed turns on the plate and ring drive based on the Jog Speeds.
        • Slurry On – Enables the slurry outlet.
        • Jog Plate – Momentary button jogs the plate drive at the speed listed in the jog speed box.   0-80 rpm is the limit
        • Jog Ring – Momentary button jogs the ring gear based on the Jog Speed I/O field.  -80 to +80 are the limits.
        • Jog Speed I/O fields – Allows entering the speed 0-80 rpm(plate) and -80 to +80 (Ring) the fields are green when the Manual functions are available. In Auto they will turn white. 
  • DC motor which drove all the motion originally was replaced with two servo motors
    • Ring Gear is driven seperately allowing rotation of the carriers in the opposite direction.  Plate flatness can be maintained.
  • Downforce is controlled by weigts which can be added to or removed. 
  • Boom assembly is also available. Provides the following added features:
    • Sony Probe intergration
      • The Sony probe is read via the internal network and is display on the HMI.
      • It can be enabled per step and the value save in the recipe.
      • Plate wear is also tracked.
    • Downforce is controlled via two cylinders.
    • Downforce is controlled per step in the recipe.


3B Auto Cycle
3B Auto Cycle
3B Lapping Plate
3B Upper Plate
Plate Flatness Gauge

3B Plate Flatness Gauge
3B Plate Flatness Gauge

Mitsunaga 3B Flatness gauge


The flatness gauge kit for the Mitsunaga 3B contains the following components:

  • 900087-3B – The base which the indicator and other components are mounted it contains 4-48 thread holes to allow moving the tips to various locations to check the flatness on different objects. 
  • 900087-3B-1 – Bronze sleeve which has been modified to allow the set screw to cinch the indicator in place.
  • 900087-3B-2 – Tips
  • 900087-3B-3 –  8-32 set screw
  • 900087-3B-4 – Granite Flat
  • 900087-3B-5 – Indicator
    • Accuracy 0.00012”
    • Resolution 0.00005”

3B Flatness gauge Lower Plate
3B Flatness gauge Lower Plate
3B Flatness Gauge Upper Plate
3B Flatness Gauge Upper Plate