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STC Parts and Service

We provide service and support for the STC I.D. Saws and edge grinders.


PT1, STC, STC 22
STC 22 PT1 Spindle Assembly
STC I.D. Slicer model 22 PT1 Spindle Assembly.

STC 22 ID Slicer
STC 22 Cylinder Assembly
STC 22 ID Slicer Hydraulic Cylinder Assembly

Parts include:

SM 1159-2 - Pin Lower
SM 1160 - Bracket
SM 1208 - Rod Extension
SEA 2135 Generator Assembly
SM 2149 Guide Bar
SM 2150 - Bracket Lower
SM 2151 - Block Adjustment
SM 2226 - Bracket Upper
SM 3148 - Bracket
SM 1232 - Brass Button
FD 32 - Thumb Screw
PT14 - Rack 18"
FD 20 - Knob
EX 32 - Microswitch
PT 22 - Rack
PT 8 - Bearing
H1 - Hydraulic Cylinder

STC Edger Grinder 2600/3800 Parts


STC EG-3195, Edge Grinder, STC 2600EP
STC Edge Grinder Spindle EG-3195
EG-3195 - STC edge grinder spindle assembly

STC Edge Grinder
STC 2600/3800 Work Spindle
EG-8015 - STC Edge Grinder Work Spindle
Periodically like the grind spindle bearings o-rings and the harmonic reducer need to be replaced. We have repaired these spindles.
Parts include:
  • EG-8015 - Spindle Assembly
    • EGA-4232-265 - Spindle Housing
    • EG-8011 -Vacuum Collar
    • EG-3180 - Stepper Motor Adapter or mount
  • EG-4033 - Mounting Plate

EG-4182 Harmonic Drive
EGA-4182 Harmonic Drive 
Used on both the probe spindle and the work spindle.
Need a new drive or help with either the probe spindle or the work spindle, please call.

STC Plunger Assembly
STC Plunger Assembly
STC SMA-2322 Plunger Assembly
Used with the pushblock or mounting block.  Qty of 2 are needed.

STC Mounting Block
STC Mounting Block
SM-4313  STC Mounting Block (Pushblock) 

STC Leadscrew
STC ID Saw Leadscrew
SM-3261 - Leadscrew
STC SM-3261 is the leadscrew which indexes the pushblock or mounting block. 
We have a ball screw replacement.